About me.

I am a experienced and qualified fitness trainer with many certified fitness accreditation’s. I am extremely dedicated to helping my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Continually I am open to implementing new techniques and ideas to expand my knowledge of fitness through attending fitness workshops and seminars. Whilst I enjoying learning, I find the main advantage of this learning is that the benefits are passed onto my clients.

I use techniques that will ensure you can reshape and define your body whilst simultaneously improving your health, fitness and diet. I personally believe that no two humans are the same, We all have different needs when it comes to fitness and diet, based on this belief I design a fitness and diet programme tailored to the individual

Fitness training is my passion and a way of life, I thoroughly enjoy assisting others to become healthy and happy with their body, The end result is always worth the hard journey undertaken.The end result will give me and you just as much satisfaction and happiness, A proven result of my fitness programme is a increase in confidence of my clients in all facets of life, such as social and professional activities.